Professional jealousy?

So today, I read of yet one more person who has amazingly been published and has a contract for two more books!  The eagle and the wolf inside me struggled for power over my reactions!  I immediatley spoke to God…”Are you kidding me Lord?  Why can’t I get published?  Heck, why can’t I even find the time to sit and think and write!”  Only two words resounded in my head “Be still”.  My response, “I want to Lord, seriously, I do!”   So how does one blend family and work responsbilities with the desire to write, to create something profound, to see the story inside my head become realty on paper?  This is the question I ask most often.  HOW?  Working full time, taking children here and there, teaching Sunday School, etc. etc. all seem to take precedent over my time at the keyboard.  When I do find quiet time,  it’s late at night and all I really want to do at this point is crawl quietly between the sheets!  If anyone out there reads this, and you have had the privilege of being published, then clue me in to the “HOW”!