After the storm….

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it is outside after a storm?  Yesterday, after weathering a late season hurricane turned tropical storm….rain, rain, rain and WIND…..it was absolutely wonderful.  It was windy, but wonderful!  Work was called off, probably unnecessarily, but thankfully.  So I spent the day sleeping in (priorities), making pancakes for my girls, cleaning, running a couple of errands, preparing dinner and going to a meeting last night.  I love, love, love being home, managing my home and family without the weariness of working 8:00-5:00 hindering my motivation! “It’s for a season” I keep telling myself.

And today is just as beautiful….cool, crisp air, sunshine and lighter traffic because school is out!  The office is quiet, only the tap…tap…tap of my keyboard. 

Back to “after the storm”…..isn’t it funny that people often say “it’s the calm before the storm” when so many times in our lives there is no calm before the storm….usually there are so many little things nagging at us, tripping us up, depressing us, stressing us before the whole mess blows up!  I find that it’s more like “the calm AFTER the storm!”  I usually experience a crazy momentum of emotions leading up to a “storm”….stress, frustration, well you get the picture….then I am hit with hurricane force winds, slapped around like a rag doll, searching desperately for something strong and steady to hold onto for security, and then I grasp the strong, secure and faithful hand of my omnipotent God!  He pulls me forth, plants my feet on solid ground, smooths back my hair, wipes away my tears, dusts off my clothes, gives me a big hug and whispers in my ear “Remember, I’m in control”.  My heart slows to a normal rhythm, my breathing becomes regulated and I feel my whole body relax.  He is in control!  I’ve weathered yet another storm, tucked securely in His competent arms, listening and learning what I should or should not do.  The sun comes out, there air is crisp and everything feels brand new.

God is amazing, isn’t He!

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