Black Friday….

So today I took my 10 year old with me shopping at the ridiculous hour of 4:45am.  I had no mile long list, just 3 items I had spotted in those tempting Thanksgiving Day promising ad’s.    My bright-eyed little girl was up and ready before I was.  She announced to me as I came out of my room, “I’m ready, Mama, what’s our plan!”.  She stood before me in jeans and tennis shoes, sweat jacket, hair pulled into a ponytail and a ball cap sat securely on her head.  She was ready for the battle of the shopping frenzy that lie ahead!  As we drove through the dark morning hours toward the big blue and white Wal Mart sign that shown brightly in the dark before the dawn, she grew serious as she asked “Why is it called Black Friday, Mama?”  Before I could determine and easy way to explain the terms “in the red” and “in the black”, she held up her hands and said “Wait, I know, it’s because we’re shopping in the dark, right?  Will the stores be dark inside?  Will we be shopping in the dark inside the stores, too?”  I laughed, explained it in simple terms and then told her to stay close to me. 

We experienced only a modest success in finding a few items at great prices.  We stopped for breakfast and chatted about the strange actions of people fighting for $2.00 towels!  She laughed at the lady who had filled her basket with sheets and toasters.  She wondered how people could afford to buy such expensive items and why they would fight over silly items.

It has been a long day and I think that next year, we will not get up before the sun and go and race through a department store for good deals.  Instead, I think we’ll sleep in, enjoy the peaceful time off from school and work.  Life is too short to spend time fighting for material things. 


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