Can you be a writer, if you can’t find time to write?

Frustrated!!! That is me!!!!  I am a writer wanna be up to my eyeballs in life, struggling to find time for the one thing I long to do….write!  I’ve tasted the joy of writing, even if it was just writing on assignment for LifeWay curriculum.  At least I can say I have been published somewhere.  But I want to fall face forward into the complete writing experience of getting that contract, editing the manuscript and then finally seeing my book roll off the presses!  The euphoria it must bring to the person who finds pure joy in putting words to paper….or in this millinium, fingers to keyboard!  When will it happen?  Will it ever happen?  How can I spend time writing, other than catching a few moments late at night before I fall wearily into bed, only to rise the next morning and jump on the fast train of life again…So many responsibliites, so many commitments, so many demands.  And deep inside my soul waits the story.  The life changing testimony shared with other like minded readers, (or some poor soul sitting in a doctors office somewhere who picks up a magazine and reads the short story while they wait to be called), touching their hearts, urging them to move forward, to reach out and clutch the hand of God…..Am I destined to write something profound or life changing OR am I destined to remain a frustrated wanna-be???  That is the question!

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