St. George Island, Florida

This morning I walked on the beach.  Alone.  It was amazing!  The waves roaring up on the beach, continuously moving forward, yet the tide was receding.  The sunshine warmed my face, and I felt myself humming praise songs.  A lone seagull joined me, at first walking ahead of me at a safe distance, looking forward, pretending not to see me following.  After awhile, he turned suddenly and circled me, walking quickly up and down the sand mounds of sand next to me, strutting his obvious agility.  I continued along, enjoying the solitude, the sunshine and the sound of the waves on the beach.  Still the seagull followed in and out, around, ahead and a safe distance.  I decided to pretend he wasn’t there and sing aloud, releasing the peace and joy I felt inside.  He stopped, looked at me and flew away.  My singing must have been pretty bad!

I am confident I could live quite happy right here.  This island is undisturbed by flashy tourism.  No chain stores, no chain restaurants, and no red lights.  Really!  You drive onto the island at the heart of the “town” and you either take a left or right, straight ahead will take you through a lighthouse and into the Gulf!  B. J.’s seems to be the restaurant of choice, serving up healthy pieces of pizza and coke.  Papa’s groceries is the only option for forgotten grocery items or necessities.  I love it….surprisingly enough.

It is all glorious!  I finish this with one thought…”How can this life be permanent for me!!!” 🙂