Writing – showing you, not just telling you!

I hear the soft melodic roar before I open my eyes. My mind reluctantly releases the comfort of that altered dreamlike land of sleep and focuses on the comforting endless soft roar of waves caressing the beach. I remember, I am on an island. I hear the muffled voices of my children throughout the house as they stir in expectation of another day of life on an island. I walk to the sliding glass door, still in my cotton gown and open the doors to the cool morning breezes stirring the island inhabitants to life. The white sand and pounding waves beckon me to come and partake! God knew, I think, when He created beaches with soft white sand and the constant beating of waves against shore, that there would be those of us who would find comfort and renewing of our spirits by spending hours or days just watching and listening to the life and sounds of the beach. Even after just two full days of waking to the warm sunshine, the playfull seagulls, and the quiet strength of the sand and waves, I find my spirit finally relaxing and the creative juices beginning to flow once again

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