Life as it is….

This week is…well…trying. Our dog, Ellie, has taken ill. She’s a cute little thing, I have to admit, and the fam is crazy in love with her. But, there is a limit! She is now being treated as an “in-patient” at the vet with some kidney disorder. She is being monitored around the clock. I called yesterday, and the bill so far is at $500. After I regained consciousness, I heard the sweet little voice of the office person at the vet say (and in the most drippy, syrupy voice you have ever heard) by Friday it will be around $700! I am sure I had a stroke at that point. Things went black and I couldn’t speak. I wanted to ask if I still had to pay if we changed our mind about using “extraordinary measures” to save her life. They kindly suggested we purchase “Doggy health insurance” for the future. DOGGY HEALTH INSURANCE!!! I have heard it all! Luckily I thought before I spoke…I wanted to tell her we would wait for OBAMACARE! I can’t rationally consider buying health insurance for a dog, when there are children in 3rd world countries dying from disease and starvation!!! I am sure there are some rich v.p.’s of these “doggy insurance” companies sitting by their pools, sipping a drink with an umbrella in it, chuckling at the fact that we Americans are absolutely lunatics! The family (minus me, of course b/c I work FULL TIME on the other side of town and refuse to take my lunch hour to go visit the dog in the hospital) have gone to visit her. She is able to stand now, and her kidney’s are functioning. But just like any regular doctor, the vet can’t say for sure what caused her kidney failure or if it will return or how long she will be there, or how much it will cost! I feel my blood pressure rising, but I can’t go to the doctor, because we are going to be paying for that stinking dog’s dr. bills for some time! UGH!
And then, last night, our precious middle daughter comes in the house, and declares that her car will no longer shift into 2nd…or 4th…or reverse for that matter. So now we have that to figure out. She seems unconcerned, as she usually does. She’ll continue live life by the seat of her pants, oblivious to money issues. I truly believe she is convinced that the little trees in our back yard produce money not Satsumas! So, it’s life…in true form…slapping us around and tripping us up! But, here’s a secret, I have plenty of callouses and I get up pretty quickly. I must rest in the fact that God sees our situation and He will meet the needs.

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