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Today is a sad day in the Armstrong family. We are losing a member of the family. I’m sitting here at my desk, feeling guilty for complaining about the cost of “extraordinary measures” to treat Ellie and sick that the girls are clueless at this point that this is the end for their beloved Ellie. I have to admit that I do love the little chick! She has stolen the hearts of all of us…
Lynn called me this morning on the way to work and I could hear the struggle to maintain composure in his voice. Of all of us, I’m afraid that big man will be the most heartbroken. We teased him unmercifully about his devotion to that little girl (dog). He broke down and cried. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth about 4:00pm today….so if you happen to look at the clock and notice it is near that hour, say a prayer for us, this will be a difficult day.


Correction on blog posting “Blending with the wallpaper”

It has been brought to my attention that I have made a tremendous error in my blog entitled “Blending with the wallpaper”.  I inadvertantly miscalculated the number of really great friends I have had in the last 20 something years.  I claimed only 3, and I was wrong.  The 4th, who I will call L.B. (for I must protect her privacy, she is quite famous), who is, perhaps, the only person who read my complete blog, and gone one step further to call me and shower me with encouragement, was not counted in that close circle of dear dear friends.  I want to take this blog to throw myself at her feet and beg forgiveness for this oversight.  I promise to dedicate my next blog to the profound impact she has had in my life over the last 24 years.  So, L.B., I raise my pen to you (or laptop in this case).  Thank you for your friendship that I am absolutely sure I could not live without!