Where to begin????

I’ve been pondering a book idea for the last month.  It is about the life of a friend who was adopted as an infant and the journey through that…..I am not sure how to begin.  Do I begin at the airport as we waited with her to meet her birth mother for the first time in 37 years?  Do I begin at the beginning with her birth to an unwed mother?  Do I begin inthe middle when I met her the first time?  Do I write it in her voice, in third person?

It is a beautiful story of a seemingly rejected baby adopted by catholic parents, undetermined ethnicity and the struggles that came with that….the emotions that shaped her personality….her constant desire to be liked by everyone…her strong tendacies to take up arms for the mistreated…her struggles with relationships…losing her birth father…questioning her faith….finding God….learning to walk by faith, but with a constant yearning to find that person who gave her life.  Where to begin?  I am up for suggestions.