I’m sitting here at work smiling and working and doing my best to be pleasant and kind, but on the inside of my head a battle is going on! I’m working hard to mentally shove the “can’t help its and mullygrubs” back into the pit they keep trying to escape from in my mind….Nothing specific, except maybe a raging desire to turn off my cell phone, jump in my car and drive away quickly to some remote peaceful place…the beach….the mountains….the parking lot at Pro Bass Shop…. Nothing particular has triggered this need to be AWAY, just the inside of my head. I am sure it is a scary place for those unaccustomed to the millions of random thoughts and ideas mixing with everyday thinking exploding in their brain simultaneously.  I wonder if anyone else out there struggles with the chaos that goes on inside of us….or maybe its just me!  I am not unhappy, just frustrated to be able to do something I want to do in a peaceful place without the demands of home, work and life!  I need to be able to be “away” without the guilt of the cost, not meeting the needs of my family, leaving work, on and on.  I think I need 48 consecutive hours of sitting in my jammies in a quiet cabin somewhere, a fire burning in the fireplace, snow falling outside, no internet, no t.v., no cell service to be at peace and be totally relaxed. Is there such a place? Is it even a possibility?  But, for now, I’ll just have to let that dream float around in my head and get back to reality and work!  They don’t pay me to blog, but I needed this one minute of release!

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  1. Actually….I’d take sitting in a beach house on the beach…in my jammies and socks, sipping a latte watching the ocean pound the beach and the wind blow…..doesn’t that sound relaxing…..I thought so too!


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