O Taste and See…..

“O taste and see that the Lord is good”  Psalm 34:8a 

“This is the best chocolate you’ll ever put in your mouth” my friend told me as we stood in the Lindt store in Orlando, Florida.  “The best?” I asked.  “I thought all chocolate was the best…”  We both laughed.  “No, really, taste and see how good it is!” The words from Psalm 34 that I had read a few days earlier rang clear in my mind.  I popped the chocolate in my mouth.  My friend was right, it was the best chocolate I had ever tasted!  As I savored the amazing flavor, I enjoyed the sweet aroma that surrounded me.  Just as I chose to indulge in the delectable confectionaries and breathe in the overwhelming sweet aroma around me, I must choose to taste and see that the Lord is good every day!  I must resolve to reach out to sample and savor the delicious sweetness of His Word, then close my eyes and relish in His presence that surrounds me when I allow His truth to penetrate every fiber of my being.  His goodness is new every day.  I cannot simply allow the truths I have consumed in the past be the extent of what I know of our great God.  I must taste His Word every day and encounter a new flavor of truth to enhance the taste buds of my life.  Open His Word today and “taste and see that the Lord is good.”