10 Things…

I have noticed that people haven’t talked so much about “New Year’s Resolutions” this year!  But I like resolutions…sort of.  I kind of like the idea of new starts, new goals, inspirations to do better or do different.  So with that thought in mind, I am making my “10 Things” list.  Some will be accomplished, some will be a lifetime process, some will be moved to a new list in January 2013 and unfortunately some will never be achieved.

1.  Become wiser.  Not wise in the eyes of the world.  Not wise in my own eyes.  But become wiser in knowing God and knowing His Word in a way that when any trial or deadly spear that this world attempts to throw come at me, I will immediately pray first, seek answers or strength from His Word and respond with grace!

2.  Write more and whine less!  I know, this is probably one of those lifetime goals, but it inspires me to do the thing I love most…write!  I know, you were thinking “whine”!!

3.  Lose weight.  I know, big surprise, right!  I started out trying last year, managed to shave off 24 lbs. by September, but promptly gained almost 1/2 of that back at this point.  This goal seems to never be accomplished with any notable success, only moderately.

4.  This one is hard – Love more and judge less.  I have come a long way baby, but still tend to judge situations and people.  I don’t mean in a justfying or politically correct anything goes kind of not judging.  God’s Word is the ultimate guideline for judgement.  But in a way that I remember to look past what I see and love!

5.  Get in shape physically.  I realize this fits in with #3, but I am getting older here and this seems to be a much needed and much delayed goal.  A secret goal I have always had was to actually run in the Azalea Trail Fun Run.  Although the words fun and run do not seem compatible in my world, it does seem like a huge achievement to be able to say, “Yeah, I ran in the Azalea Trail Run last week….it was a piece of cake!”  So, while, I will probably never be able to say that, I would still like to come home from Planet Fitness and say, “I walked 5 miles on the treadmill tonight!”

5.  Go on another mission trip.  I was able to do this in 2011 and it was great.  But I really want to do it again.

6.  Give more.  Give to people.  Give to causes.  Give to God.  I am praying for sensitivity to needs around me.  The ones no one notices.  The ones where people don’t ask for help, they are just struggling in silence.

7.  Go to the beach more!  Not as a sun bather mind you, but as a lover of waves and sand and all the soul cleansing amenities of sitting on a beach under an umbrella, praise music playing, just relaxing.  Life is short and I am finding that I NEED to stop, sit down in places I love and just breathe!

8.  Have more precious individual and group moments with my husband and girls.  I am so tired of just racing through life, trying to meet every event, every deadline, every demand and not sitting and having coffee at Starbucks with no agenda, or taking spontaneous road trips, or laying on the bed and laughing.

9.  This year, as mentioned in #2, I want to concentrate sincerely to have my children’s book published.  No more hit and miss.  But consistently nag and petition to have it published.

10. Stop considering myself to be a loser because I hate the way I look!  I want to stop beating myself up for the ridiculous expectations I have set so high, I can do nothing but fall helplessly into the pit of self condemnation for lack of meeting those expectations.  This is definitely a lifetime goal that I am sure I will fight against and struggle with till I meet Jesus!

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