My baby is growing up….

Today is a big day for Hannah….she is taking the TEAS test to get in to the nursing program.  I think they could have given the test a better name than TEAS (makes me think of teasing).  Like maybe calling it YOUGOGIRL, or YOUGOTTHIS, or better yet, DONTTHINKOFITASATESTBUTONESTEPCLOSER test.  As I drove to work today, I thought of all the other tests she has faced in her almost 21 years….learning to walk, learning to talk, eye exam at 2 to wear glasses, eye surgery at 3, tests at school, tests in relationships, medical tests, back surgery at 11, tonsils out at 13, standing strong against the temptations around her, high school tests, again tests with friendships, choosing to walk away from unhealthy friendships, clinging to Jesus when she had to walk through the reprucussions of walking away, tests as she went to college, struggling through but not quitting, choosing to go to Faulkner, working working working, enduring, and now, here she is, taking the test that says yes or no to getting into nursing in the fall.  I pray today, that she walks into that room, completely free of her ever present test anxiety, at peace with knowing she has perservered and that she is not walking into that room alone, but with Jesus by her side, holding her up, protecting, loving and leading.  Listen to Jesus today, sweet Hannah, He has great plans for your life….

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