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I’m back….

Yes, I am back.  Not that anyone noticed, but I have been absent for 6 months.  It’s been a weird 6 months, just so you know.  I have pretty much refused to write.  A pretty difficult task for someone who loves to put words to paper (or to laptop) and pray and hope that someone might accidentally read them…..

Discouraged beyond measure can only describe the state of my hopes and dreams of being a “for real” published author one day.  I have rolled over yet another birthday, signaling the harsh reality that time is running out!  The minutes and days keeping ticking away at a ridiculous speed, life’s responsibilities keep slapping me in the face everyday and I find myself continuing to push writing to the side.  If I really want to depress myself, I just get online and look at some blog posts or websites of writers who are making it!   I feel as if the dream will never happen.  People are sweet, and say the obvious – “Don’t worry, it’ll happen one day….”  Sometimes I want to shoot those people, God-love-them!

But today, just today, I am here, once again, relieving the build up in my soul, like some pressure cooker on a stove, the little thing-a-ma-bob on top rattling and whistling away.

Either the Lord has created in me a writer’s heart and a desire to write something that will minister to someone somewhere, or this is just a sick sense of humor on someone’s part!

So, I’m going to commit…, not commit myself to some crazy writer’s floor on a psycho ward….but I will commit to sign in to this BlogSpot, or whatever technical name you call this, and write/journal about life as it goes in my world.  No one may ever read this….because, really, what category or search words do you even attach to this?….but, I commit to make the effort….really….I will.