Don’t let me lose the wonder….

I needed to read this today….It has been 4 years since I blogged this, but God used it again today to rescue me before I took a step into a pit!!!


I am amused, after the fact of course, at the way God uses little suttle hints to lead up to one of those “a-ha” moments.  Little taps on the shoulder, or whispers in your ear to get your attention.  I had one of those weeks.  Friday I had an eye exam appointment and had no idea that one thought in the midst of that appointment would lead to a revelation about me and where I am in my walk with God.  After having 3 sets of drops applied to my eyes, I sat trying to focus on anything around me.  It is funny to me that they will initially put drops in your eyes that are supposed to “numb” your eyes, but follow up immediately with additonal drops that leave you feeling like you’ve been swimming in a chlorinated pool for about 12 hours!  Then they proceed to touch your eyes…

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