Time is ticking away….tick, tick, ticking away….the words from that DC Talk song from 1994 keep playing in the back of my mind.  I remember as a teenager wishing time would pass more quickly so that I could get my drivers license.  I remember counting the days till graduation.  Mostly I remember my sweet mother saying “Don’t wish your life away, Dana.”  I had no idea at the time how time would seem to slip away quickly and I would find myself at 54 wondering how I got there so fast!  Sometime around 45 you suddenly realize how time has speeded up!  At 50 you come face to face with the realization that one day you will not be walking around on earth!  Suddenly you think, “I wish I had not wished my life away!”  My mother knew from experience that time would slip away and she wanted me to stop and enjoy each moment, each experience, each day.  Life is fragile and fleeting.  Life is sometimes overwhelming and even unfair.  But in truth, life is a roller coaster ride and we should just hang on and enjoy it!  Cherish friendships.  Make memories.  Share the truth of the gospel with everyone.  We cannot look back at our lives with regret, but look back and learn.  Each season of life is filled with it’s own challenges, memories, relationships and experiences.  Live each season to it’s fullest.  Love God more than anything.  Love people like He does. And to quote my mother’s favorite quote “Bloom where you are planted.”

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