Breath held….fingers crossed…..

Peeps….it has happened….I finally got a response from a literary agent that wasn’t a reject letter!  It’s true!  I mean, at least I don’t think this is a dream…..I keep checking to see if the email is still in my box…it is….it’s right there in black and white.  So it must be real…right?  She asked for the first 10 pages.  Heart drops.  Are my first 10 pages good enough to make her want the rest?  It’s almost worse than getting a reject letter!  Now I must wait to see if I’m good enough in 10 pages to be asked for the remaining 70 pages!  This is going to kill me!  I almost fell out of bed yesterday morning when I casually scanned through my email snuggled under my covers in the early morning hours.  My husband ran to my rescue when he heard me gasp loudly.  I scrambled for my glasses so that I could make sure I had read it correctly!  I did.  It was right there in black and white!  One small drop of validation.  Let’s pray that drop doesn’t dry up in a matter of minutes!!!


Today, NOW, I was reminded of something that Paul so profoundly plopped down in the middle of Ephesians.  Paul. He is so cool.  Not very spiritual, but cool represents so many thoughts and directions.  This man of God who started his adult life out on the wrong foot, his passions misdirected.  His zeal was no less mind blowing as a “Christian bounty hunter” than it was as a bond servant to the Messiah!  Salvation wrecked his life and the path he was pursuing with focused intensity.

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,  to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen” Ephesians 3:20-21.

For someone who has been praying over situation in my life for awhile, this verse came at the perfect moment.  At 1:52pm to be exact.  While I have been committed to pray daily for this particular situation, I still fretted and worried….and even feared.  Would resolution come too late?  Would those involved choose their own way and not God’s?  I doubted.  I did not trust God’s capable hand.  I did not believe that He is able!  It’s not that I don’t know this verse.  It’s not that I don’t believe God is able.  It’s not that I think I know better than He does.  It is, however, possible that deep down, I didn’t believe He would act.  I struggle with the fear that He is too busy or that my particular request is not that important to Him.  Then, today, NOW, God just illuminates these strong words for my eyes, as if His Holy Spirit sat in the passenger’s seat of my car while I picked up a book I had been reading last week and said “Here, read this.”  Peace filled every nook and cranny of my car like air fills a deflated balloon.  I stared intently at the verse printed on the page.  I read it again.  Then once more.  The words penetrated my soul as if a warm blanket had been wrapped around me.  I believe.  I believe God is at work.  I believe He is able. I believe He hears me.  I believe He cares.  I believe NOW He is able to do far more abundantly then what I ask or think is even possible, according to His glory.