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Azalea Trail Maid in the Family!


What a busy 10 days it has been!!!  This is the first chance I have had to just sit and ponder over everything.  Molly Grace made Azalea Trail Maid for 2016-2017!  She was amazing in the interview on the 12th, not just in her appearance and air of confidence (but not an arrogant confidence, just a sweet air of confidence), but I was more blown away by the sweetest moment after the interview.  She came into the room where the other candidates were waiting nervously and went straight to her friend Julia and sat down beside her and hugged her.  The lady in charge said she couldn’t stay in the waiting area, so we exited the room and were walking out the back of the beautiful antebellum USA Alumni House when Molly turned and motioned for Julia to come over.  The ATM volunteer told them Julia had to stay in the room…then Molly Grace said, “Is it okay if I just pray for her?”  The lady said “Oh…sure.”   It was the sweetest thing ever.  One of those moments a mama treasures in her heart.  This baby girl of ours has suddenly turned into this young woman of faith.  This baby girl who sucked all the air out of the room when she finally took a breath after agonizing moments of silence as the doctors worked with her; this baby girl who has been a handful since she hit the floor running; this baby girl who has been loud and boisterous and broken so many things; this baby girl who ran out into the road at age 3 and was nearly hit by a truck, but never flinched, she just stood there facing the truck nose to nose; this baby girl who has endured back pain and a ruptured disc at eleven and then back surgery at twelve, but never really let it stop her from enjoying life with friends; this baby girl has rocked our world since day one! She, of course, still has her moments and is still a handful, but I see glimpses of the woman God is growing her to be.

The letter finally came!
The letter finally came!
Sister celebration!
She's a peach!
She’s a peach! Literally, she’s a peach!
The Five Friends Forever
The Five Friends Forever….love these girls!

So, we are on this very expensive Azalea Trail Maid journey now.  She will be awesome!  I saw her walk into two separate interviews with poise and confidence I didn’t even know she had, and knock the socks off those judges!  I’m so proud of her.  I know God has her here for a specific reason and for a specific task.  I’m holding on for dear life as we ride this last wave of childhood to graduation in 2017!

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