New Beginnings….

I love New Years Day.  It’s a time to reflect on the previous year and all it had to offer.  But even better, it’s a time to start over, make new goals, and get a fresh outlook on the year before us.  I don’t necessarily get all crazy about “resolutions” because they are usually forgotten by January 10th!  I do however like the idea of new goals.  A chance to do some things different.  Remember the first day of school and all those new school supplies….new jeans….new shoes….and for me, it was always a new school!  How about a new book.  New linens.  New cars.  It always makes me think of a chance for a do-over.  So I’ve penciled down some goals for this year.  I won’t share them with you now, but I wanted to encourage you to find a place to spend some time with the Lord, find some paper and jot down a few things you would like to do different or achieve this year.  Goals are good for all of us.  It’s an opportunity to face forward, forget about any difficulties of the previous year and get busy working on the clean slate before us!

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