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What do you need…..

What do you need?  What will make your life complete?  What thing would you do over and do differently?  What would make you happy?  There is so much this world has to offer to satisfy what ever is making you hungry.  Hungry for love.  Hungry for attention.  Hungry for admiration.  Hungry for fame.  Hungry for fortune.  But none is satisfying.  None of it quenches that thing inside you needing to be rescued and answered.  There is one thing alone that will wipe away the endless grasping, the endless longing, the endless quest to be satisfied….to be happy.  The loved of God can wipe away every dark place we hide in our souls of things we hope never flashes across social media or finds it way to the ears of those we love.  He alone can rescue our battered hearts from perpetual longing to be loved.  He alone can wipe our slates clean. He alone forgives and forgets.  He alone makes us new and clean and fresh and free.  His Son made that sacrifice.  His Son paid the price.  His Son thought of us.  He made a way for us to walk weightless through this journey of life.  He became the bridge between us and God, making a way for us to freely come into the very presence every moment of every day.  Imagine that we believe, we repent, we are forgiven and we immediately have access to the Almighty God who is everywhere, all the time, the One who created everything, who always was and will always be.

Choose today my friends.  Choose now, while you read this post.  It’s no mistake that you are here, now, reading this.  It’s a divine appointment.  Choose Jesus.

Message me if you need someone to walk with you.


friends, God, Laughter, Life, Love, People, promises, Uncategorized, Writing

What I want this Mother’s Day….

If I could truly have a wish this Mother’s Day, I would wish to have my own Mom back. Sitting close beside me on her couch, magazine in her lap, nail file in her hand shaping her already perfect nails and softly laughing as we talk.  She’d reach over and take my hand and begin shaping my nails, telling me I should slow down and take time for a manicure.  But she is not here to wrap her arms around me, to rub my back as she holds me, whispering in my ear that everything will be okay and that He is in control.  

What I want this Mother’s day is not a fancy dinner, it’s not jewelry or a gift card.  I want grace.  A boat load of it.  Grace that covers the million mistakes I made over the last twenty-five years.  Grace that covers the ridiculous idea that I had to do everything right in order for my daughters to turn out right.  Grace that covers too many times I gave into the frustration and yelled at them.  Grace that erases my inconsistencies and my unrealistic ideas.  Grace that would replace my mistakes with perfect responses and patient replies.  Grace that would take my lame attempts at teaching them the Word of God and turn them into precious moments that ingrained a deep desire to follow after Him their entire lives.  Grace for the moments I collapsed in an overwhelmed heap of tears and cried out to Him asking Him to fix something.  I need more grace….and maybe a bubble bath.