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Here We Are…

So this is where we are.   Me sitting in a hospital hallway, while my big man is on the other side of a massive door undergoing a needle biopsy.  Two words swirl around in my head and I wonder which one will insert itself into our everyday language.  Malignant.  Benign. I knew these words but never considered them being a part of our lives.  Not his anyway.  Mine maybe.  They were words other people talked about.  They were words that had pulled people to their knees at the altar.  But they were not words that were part of our lives.  Until now.  I never knew the frustration of the snails pace the doctors move. I never knew the uncertainty that surrounded you every hour.  I never knew the strange words that become part of your vocabulary.  This test this day determines our next days and months.  I trust God to hold us and to lead us.  I know He is right here with us.   I want our lives to demonstrate that confidence. Lord, gives us strength and courage.  Chase away the fears.  Help me breathe in and breathe out normally.  Wrap your arms around my man and let him sense your presence.  Guide the radiologists’ hand carefully.  Give us results quickly.  You are our rock and our strong tower!

4 thoughts on “Here We Are…”

  1. Dana, prayers for you and your family. Know you have had difficult days. Just praying the biopsy results will be ”Good News”.


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