A Night In The ER

A Night In The ER It’s 2:08am and we are in the ER. My big man was in tears from the excruciating pain radiating through his lower back and abdomen. He has been through two straight days of no sleep and unrelenting pain that was unaffected by Morphine or Norco separately or together. How can one man function with that kind of pain medicine? I find that when you give up and head to an ER, you can’t depend on quick action or concern. I thought I was going to have to yank a knot in the tail of the arrogant ER doctor who came to our room VERY briefly then returned to his computer monitor to get back to checking the weather channel. I walked out and after watching for a minute asked if anyone was concerned. No response. That doctor was chatting it up signing on to some search engine and buying something on Amazon. I said “Hey, doctor, can you get something for my husband, he’s dying in here!” in a nice tone, of course.😜 He asked if some nurse could help us. He is like 30….maybe…..I wanted to go all raging mama on him, but I just stared at him till he finally got some random nurse to come to our room. Then suddenly we had two nurses! Hallelujah! After blowing two i.v. lines out of his veins because he was so tense from the pain, they were finally able to get a one to stay. Two dosages of Dilaudid later, and my big guy is finally relaxed and now snoring off and on. Earlier, before the Dilaudid, he told me “ Dana, I’m so stoned but I’m about to die from the pain…..shoot me please!”. If I had had Norco at 2:00pm today, Morphine at 8:00pm, and now 2 shots of Dilauded, I’d be out till next week sometime, if not permanently. But whatever it takes. So they are sending us home now, with an extra shot of Dilaudid for the road, please God let me be able to get him in the house!!! He’s a little loopy, but he’s not crying from the pain anymore. It’s hard to understand why we have to go through suffering, why we have to deal with diseases like cancer, but we believe and trust in Almighty God, who no matter what difficult circumstances we are dealing with in this fallen world, He sustains us, He hears us, and He is with us. My big guy, even in the midst of his intense pain stopped moaning long enough to reel me in and remind me to be nice. I love him. 😍

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