Isn’t the Name of Jesus Beautiful…

As you read the title of this blog, didn’t you just find yourself smiling and nodding your head in agreement?  There is no way any believer in their right mind would say no to that statement.  Because a true and active relationship with Jesus Christ allows for the believer to understand the beauty of whispering the name of the Son of God and knowing what the privilege of knowing Him personally means in their lives.

I’ll tell you something about myself (like you haven’t already read enough about me through this blog!), but I have a weird habit of OCDing (if that is even a real thing) on a song, and playing it over and over and over and over.  I usually will put it on in the morning, hit the repeat button, and walk away while it blasts on my bluetooth speaker. So lately it has been the beautiful song “Isn’t the Name”  by Bethany Music.  I start most mornings listening to the truths inside that song.  It comforts, it inspires and it empowers.

As I listened to the lyrics this morning as I got ready, I found myself sitting there, eyes closed and tears burning my eyes.  Not sad tears, but overwhelmed tears. Overwhelmed by the fact that I have full access to Jesus.  When life is good or when it’s bad, He is there.

The truth of the words “all the world can come to Him and have their sins removed”.  Saving grace in a moment.  Salvation. Surrender, come to Him and He will make all things new. We don’t have to work harder, live better, give more, we just come to Him.  “Eternal King, you will reign forever and we will see the glory of your name.  Be lifted high, for all the world to see, your name is all we need.” His name is all we need.  When we shut out the chaos of this world, the constant social media, the news, the chatter and breathe deep His presence and whisper His name.  He is there.  He promises that.  Over and over in scripture He tells us through words written thousands of year ago, “my children, lost souls, broken hearts, come to me.  Those of you with heavy hearts weighed down by life’s circumstances, call on me, whisper my name, and I am there.”  But we have to surrender our own will, we have to realize He is all we need….His name is all we need. Because, “There’s freedom in the name, healing in the name, there’s power in the name, salvation in the name, there is life in the name, there is no other name, but Jesus.”

So if you are reading this, and your heart hurts for whatever situation or circumstances you feel are closing in on you.  If you feel like the chaos of this world is just too much right now.  If you are dealing with illness, pain or loss.   Perhaps you are looking for something that has meaning and truth.  Let me tell you that there is salvation in His name.  There is power in His name.  There is healing in His name.  Close the door on the world right now.  Close your eyes and just whisper His name.  Call out to Him.  He will be there for you.  Find comfort in His presence.  Find forgiveness in His presence.  Find strength in His presence.  Find life in His presence.



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