The Effect of Walking Thru Cancer

Here I sit in the doctors office with my big guy once again. He had an MRI on Tuesday and we are waiting to hear the findings. He has pulled something in his back and has been dealing with it for a few weeks. I’m not gonna lie, it makes me a little anxious because it is reminiscent of two years ago waiting for similar results from a MRI…..what is causing the pain. I have closed my eyes and breathed deeply, whispering once again “I trust you God” to relieve the slight anxiousness in my stomach. I am sure it isn’t a repeat, just something in his back he has pulled. But we’ll know in minutes what we are looking at. Cancer never really goes away, I guess. It may be eliminated in your life, but the effects of a journey filled with everything cancer never completely leaves your subconsciousness. Every ache, every symptom sounds an alarm in your head and puts your mind on alert. But today it is a false alarm. Today we walk out of the doctor’s office and breathe a loud sigh of relief.

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