I’ve Been Vaxxed

I have just returned from getting my 2nd shot of the Moderna vaccination….so far so good. I received the first shot a month ago, at the continued, endless, urging of my big guy! I finally relented and agreed to give in to his constant vaccine topic of conversation. I walked into his home office and sat down in my chair and told him “I’ve officially been tagged.” No longer can I say that “when the apocalypse happens, I’ll be the only one who can buy food or run and not be found”. I know you are laughing at me right now, but I bet you’ve even had these same thoughts! I’m even a bit embarrassed because I was pretty vocal about NOT getting the vaccine. The things we do for the ones we love. He is relieved, I didn’t fall out or die, but I’m still not convinced I’m not tagged! I will say this, while I joke about just doing it to appease my big guy….it still was my decision to take the steps to do it. I encourage everyone to make the decision they are most comfortable with….this virus is here to stay…..like the flu….and we will be dealing with it for years to come, I am sure. The conspiracy theories are out there, and I’m not so sure I don’t think some of them are possibly true. For those that have underlying health issues, those who are elderly, those who are exposed to large groups of people on a regular basis, those who are anxious, those who are fearful, the vaccine may bring comfort. I also believe we need to be smart and take the suggested supplements of D3, Zinc and C to ward off Covid19 and build up your immune system. But, let me encourage you to not let fear and anxiousness control your life. The media, whether social or news, will cause you to live in a constant state of uneasiness. We have to keep living. Our children do not need to live in a world where fear is normal. Everyone has suffered emotionally and spiritually from the onslaught of information, and the unrest in the world. We need to wrap them in love and structure and stability. I will end with this….”For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7. So do not let the things of this world stir up fear in your hearts, your minds or soul…..we have something far stronger than fear, we have power and love. And, in power and love, we can walk through this season with or without a mask, with or without a vaccine, but WITH a sound mind that whatever we choose, we can trust Him above everything else.

P.S. Is it weird that the magnets on my frig keep jumping off and connecting to my arm??? Just kidding!

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