It’s Christmas morning…but the house is so quiet. I lay silently beneath warm covers, remembering the sounds of little feet running down the hallway, low murmurs of little girls voices drifting back to our room. Then, one chosen sister coming to our room asking if we are coming. We slowly get up, me wrapping a blanket around my shoulders and he slipping into shorts and a t-shirt. The glow of the Christmas tree fills the room and three sweet smiles and sleepy eyes surrounded by messy hair sit patiently in front of their pile of three gifts. Three gifts to remind them of why we celebrate this day. The day of our Savior’s birth. The day three very wise men, who travelled far to behold the prophesy fulfilled of the coming Messiah, brought three special gifts to baby Jesus. These precious three girls of ours know the meaning of those three gifts. Three gifts for them because we love them and because we also celebrate the gifts they are to us, given to us by a Savior who loves us. I never remember a complaint of there not being a mountain of gifts for them. They were always thrilled and satisfied with three gifts. They would squeal and wrap their sweet little girl arms around our necks and thank us. Then I thought about another mother over two thousand years ago, observing everything happening around her and storing up the moments in her heart. This morning sweet memories , stored up in my heart, flood back to me, warming my heart, and bringing a smile to my face as I imagine those same sweet little girls sitting in the soft glow of their own Christmas tree lights, watching their babies open three gifts this Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is the day our King was born…..and the day we can store up all the memories in our hearts.

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